Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a House.

If you are a first-time homebuyer, the home buying process seems like a daunting task. There are so many big decisions that you are likely facing for the first time, and the stakes can be incredibly high. 

    It's fun and exciting to imagine yourself in your dream home living your best life, so definitely enjoy the process! But in addition, it's essential to educate yourself on the process and a little about how real estate works. A good realtor will help, but make sure you ask yourself these questions while searching for your new home. 

What is Your Budget?

    First, figure out how much you can afford and how much you want to spend. It's best to get pre-approved for a mortgage before you start seriously looking at properties, as it will save everyone a lot of time. Remember how much of a down payment you can afford, the mortgage interest rate, and potential closing costs. 

What is the Condition of the House?

    You will want to make sure a professional inspect the house before the sale. Expensive repairs can pop up on a home that appears to be in good condition. An inspector will check for things you may not notice during a walk, such as a roof's condition, foundation, furnace, plumbing, and electrical fixtures. The last thing you want is to move in and then immediately get stuck with expensive repair and maintenance bills. 

How Long has the House Been on the Market?

    How long the house has been on the market can help you, and your realtor negotiates a price. The longer the house has been on the market, the more the seller may be motivated to make a deal. Homes that are priced too high at the onset tend to languish on the market and go through several price reductions giving the impression that something may be wrong. Knowing this may allow you to negotiate a great deal. 

What is the Neighbourhood Like?

    You can improve many things on a not quite perfect house, but the neighbourhood is not one of them. Before starting your search, it is often best to pick or eliminate certain areas or neighbourhoods. Only you can decide what attributes you like or would be deal-breakers, but the best way to go about it is to write down all of the things you want in your neighbourhood and then find those areas. A good realtor will usually be an expert in the location and can help you. 

    Some things to consider are school districts, commute to work, nearby shopping areas, parks, and other amenities, crime statistics, and noise and traffic levels. Some people like busy places with lots of foot traffic, and some like quiet areas with lots of green space, but it's best to know which one you are before starting your search. 

    These are just a few of the most important questions a buyer needs to ask themselves when buying a house. A good realtor will help you dig a little deeper; that's why we recommend that one of the best ways to make sure you are getting the house you deserve at a fair price is to develop a relationship with a quality real estate agent in your area. 

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