Yes. You will only be charged after your 14 day trial period ends on any plan.

It's straightforward. You will be prompted to add your photo, logo, and brand colours once you log in to the platform. If you don't get the message, click on your profile button.

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Every plan starts with a 14-day free trial. Check the pricing page for more details. 

  • We offer Pay as You Go pricing for REALTORS® who do not want to commit to a monthly or yearly plan. This approach allows a REALTOR® to run community reports if available in their area and create flyers for a one-time charge ranging from $7.99 – $8.99 depending on the product.
  • We have a monthly plan that allows REALTORS® to run an unlimited number of community reports if available in their area and create flyers for a monthly charge of $24.99.
  • We have a yearly plan that allows REALTORS® to run an unlimited number of community reports, if available in their area, and create flyers on one annual charge of $240 ($19.99 a month).

Yes, at any time. You will not be charged in the next cycle of billing, and your access will remain until the end of that billing cycle.

We offer a custom Community Feature Sheet® report service for areas that are not covered by the automated service. See our current coverage here

Pricing is $89 dollars for a Community Feature Sheet®.

You can use to bundle to save

  • $237 - 3 @ $79 each
  • $414 - 6 @ $69 each


Designed to be handed out at open houses and showings, a Community Feature Sheet® is a visually stunning flyer that presents neighbourhood information in a creative way that will intrigue your prospects and help get their offer on the table.

A Property Feature Sheet presents vital information about a house to help buyers see the home's essential features.

Home Detail Infographic is a visual representation of essential information and data of a house designed to help the home buyer interestingly see the key features.

You can order our products online at Once you log into the website, it is easy to follow the prompts.

It is the same. An automated Community Feature Sheet® is generated by software, and a custom Community Feature Sheet® is researched by our staff and created for you. The custom Community Feature Sheet® is offered in areas where have not automated the process yet.

It is cheaper because we have automated the process and done the hard work behind the scenes. It now only takes 10 seconds to get your beloved Community Feature Sheet® in markets that we have automated.

The data is sourced from StatsCan, open data, and Google. Our software does all the work for you.

You are liberty to change the sections of data presented. We are developing new formats every day you will have more options in the automated version.

It created in Adobe Illustrator.

There are two main differences. Classic is designed as a no-frill option and contains little combinations. Metro has more colours has an extra column for a community profile.


We are a group of passionate individuals with a mission to create value for REALTORS® by helping them to present home and community information and insights through innovative products that contribute to excellent home buying experiences.
Working with REALTORS®, we help put their listings in a community context with our unique Community Feature Sheet®. This approach allows the Home Buyer to have a complete picture of the neighbhourhood as they decide to purchase. It also helps to display the REALTOR'S® expertise as an authority in the community.

We allow and help REALTORS® create unique real estate marketing flyers and products that are conceptually interesting and visually stunning

We provide custom and automated community report services. 
And a Software as a Service DIY platform to create some of our unique products.

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