Factors of a 'Good' Location

Location is one of the few things about a property that is difficult to change. You can remodel, change the landscaping, and even put an addition on your house, but realistically, you probably aren't going to move it to a new location. 

Choosing the right location is incredibly important, but what exactly makes a good location? This list will help you narrow your search for the best place for you and your family.


Depending on your family situation, this may be the most critical or unimportant factor. You can quickly check for the school's reputation if schools are essential. A good realtor in the area will always have that information readily available. Another reason to have a good agent on your side when buying or selling. 

Local Amenities

Think about the places you like to visit in a typical week and if there are acceptable ones nearby. If you want to go out to restaurants, for example, make sure some of your favorites are within a reasonable commute time away. You should consider gyms, shopping centers, churches, and similar amenities if they are essential to you. Also, if you frequently travel for work, it may be nice to be near a highway, a bus stop, or a train station. Thinking about these things early in the process can make your home buying experience much more straightforward.  

Green Space

Depending on your preference, you may like to be among the activities of a busy neighbourhood with lots of foot traffic, or you may be better suited to live in a quieter area with lots of green space. Buying your dream home close to a busy intersection with outdoor seating restaurants could be a disaster for people who need or want a little peace. Think about what you like to do and your typical day. If the high point of your day is a quiet stroll through a park, your ideal location will be different from someone who likes to meet friends for dinner at an outdoor cafe. 


One factor that can make or break a location for your new home is how easy it is to get to where you want to go. Do you prefer walking when possible? If so, you will want to make sure there are nearby shopping centers for things like grocery shopping. You may want to be near a bike trail or even within a reasonable drive to an airport if you travel frequently. 

Many factors go into choosing the best location. You may even want to move someplace with a specific climate, although that may not always be possible, especially if you happen to be Canadian. Your career or personal family situation may also significantly impact where you should live. Remember that you will likely never have the perfect location, do not overlook these important factors when choosing your new home. 

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