Three Real Estate Marketing Ideas that Won't Break the Bank

Mastering both the art and science of marketing is crucial to your success as a REALTOR®. You will have to get licensed, hone your sales skills, learn to negotiate, and even learn the language of contractors and tradespeople, to name a few other skills you will need. But without a solid marketing plan, your business will never get off the ground. 

Marketing also costs money. As a REALTOR®, you will likely need to pay for expenses like print and digital advertising, direct mailers, professional photography, and the list can go on and on. 

There are, however, myriad ways that you can market yourself for free. Marketing does cost money, but follow these three suggestions to round out your marketing plan without breaking the bank. 

Provide Value on Social Media

Social media is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to market your business for free, starting right now. You do need a process, though, as just posting every listing on your Facebook feed is going to be a big turnoff. Each platform has a type of content that performs best. 

Facebook is outstanding for sharing personal stories. For example, you can create a business page and post pictures of your happy buyers in their new homes on closing day. This type of feel-good content isn't salesy and will keep you top of mind when people in your network need a REALTOR®. 

Instagram is excellent for photography and sharing videos. Instead of posting a listing, post a photograph of a home you are selling with a caption such as, "I love the gables on these beautiful Victorian homes!" Video also does well on Instagram; you can post some educational Reels of things like successfully staging your home for a showing. Instead of selling, you provide real value and establish yourself as a trusted expert. 

Go on a Local Podcast

Podcasts have become incredibly popular in the last few years. It seems like everyone who has something to say has one, and the listeners of a local one will be right in your demographic. 

Search for and start listening to local podcasts, then when you hear something interesting, reach out through email to the host telling them you enjoyed the episode and maybe provide some constructive feedback or a different perspective and opinion from your experience. The contributions and genuineness could earn you a trusted contact. After establishing a relationship with the host, you could stand a chance of getting invited to share your knowledge and experience on the show. Podcast hosts are always looking for great guests, especially when they are willing to provide value to their audience. Once you are on, that is your opportunity to establish yourself as the local real estate expert. 

Partner with Local Businesses that Hire from out of the Area

Get to know the local business community in town and learn where they hire their employees from. If there is a business nearby that hires people from out of the area, and there is certainly, talk to their HR department to see if you can be their trusted advisor to new help people relocate to the places you operate. If you approach it from the purpose of serving rather than selling, they will likely take you up on the offer. You could put together a quick guide of the community (Community Feature Sheet®) listing restaurants, churches, parks, schools, and the like. Now every time they make a new hire, you will have a qualified lead with your marketing materials in their hands for free. 

A successful agent will have to rack up some marketing expenses, no doubt about it. But not everything needs to cost something. With some creativity, you can always come up with a few ideas to market yourself for free; remember to make it about serving your community and helping others.  

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